Before there were elastomers, there was leather. The ancient Egyptians used leather for sealing by necessity.

Why is it still being used today for presses, cylinders, valves, etc.? The main reason is flexibility. Here are a few examples:

Leather has an extremely large sealing tolerance that conforms to and polishes the surface it is sealing.

Leather through chemical impregnation or fillers can fulfill a wide range of needs.

Leather can replace seals no longer manufactured or replace current seals that are unattainable due to lead-time, expense, etc.

Leather, from us, can be formed from to 96 inches outer diameter; custom made to your specifications.

Leather, from us, can be ready to ship in 24 hours or less if needed.

Give us a call and we will be happy to go in depth with you on how your application can benefit from the use of leather.

Piston Cup (P)

Flange (F)

U-Cup (U)

Washer (W)

Vee (V)










Seal Type





Service *





























* For service please specify Air (A), Hydraulic (H), Water (W), or Other (O)

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